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Voyage Manifesto

 VOYAGE can be explained as an alternative perception of self-existence through longevity. Being present in one’s reality concocts a notion of time because existence isn’t one moment. However, existence is depicted as a long path or journey filled with various experiences that shapes one’s existence as its single reality.

 Taking this reductionistic approach of existence and time and funneling it through fashion and art to create an ecosystem of pioneers and explorers who view the world as a journey of constant exploration and discovery.

 As the notion of this existence occur, countless independent realities take place creating an equilibrium of diversity and unity, being that there are numerous amounts of lives that go through similar experiences.

 VOYAGE is a different way of viewing life; it acts as no mere roadmap or guideline but as a alternative view on one’s reality. It’s an idea that created this sense of time and existence that correlates to various events, thoughts, or ideas. 

 Simply said that everything is a process, it takes time to create, act or perceive anything. Whether it be a half a second or half a decade.  

 Life’s a VOYAGE.